Introductory Offer!
6-month e-fax plan: 
Rs. 1500/- only with 350 pages outgoing and unlimited incoming.
1 year e-fax plan: Rs. 2500/- only for with 800 pages outgoing and unlimited incoming.

For customize e-fax plans and obtaining the services please contact us.

Receive FAX on email. Send Fax in India via Email or Web

Fax 2 Email 

Customer gets a Virtual Number which gives a Fax Tone when called The Incoming Fax is received, converted to a PDF and is emailed as a PDF attachment.

Try Demo / Test:  send fax to our fax number +91-11-43850870 from your fax.

Email 2 Fax

Customer sends Email with an attachment to The attachment is extracted and sent to 011-25087606 as a paper fax


Subscribing to e-Fax Service:

  1. Choose a Number
  2. Choose a Plan
    • 6 Months (Half Year)
    • 1 Year
  3. Specify the Email Address. The incoming faxes will be sent here

Receive unlimited pages of fax free

Incoming / Outgoing features:

  1. Incoming Faxes come on specified email as a PDF attachment
  2. Outgoing Faxes can be sent from web interface by uploading a PDF and specifying the number  (anywhere in India)
  3. Outgoing Faxes can be sent as an email with PDF attachment from the registered email address to
  4. Phonenumber should be in the a 10 digit number in format 1125123456 (for landline) and 9811111111 (for mobile number)
E-fax Features